Our Values, Culture and Principle

Our Values, Culture and Principle

Honesty and integrity, warmth and generosity, fearlessness and persistence are at the core of our Founders’ values and we always hold fast to these values as a company.

Building on these Core Values, we abide by the following principles:

  • Create and curate only the healthiest, highest quality and most accessible products for human use and consumption using alternative and innovative organic ingredients and processes

  • Manufacture products using Good Manufacturing Standards or better

  • Package products using only recycled and recyclable materials, non-toxic inks and adhesives and push the boundaries for innovation in sustainable packaging

  • Reduce waste by reusing packaging we receive from suppliers

  • Distribute products in local markets, online and worldwide so that everyone has the opportunity to use them

  • Deliver consistent, prompt, respectful and friendly service to everyone we interact with

  • Cultivate a workplace that is inclusive and where employees are valued, heard and invested in

  • Give back to the world by participating in philanthropic giving of time, talent and treasure

  • Contribute to a secure and sustainable world by abiding by our principles

We've a passion for our new brand and store conception of cutting age cosmetics and personal care, which takes care of our beauty, skin, hair, and our earth. We want to be among the leaders of the cutting age technology driven beauty skincare and hair care specialist, so you can feel safe and choose the perfect products for your makeup, skin type and hair type.

From the very beginning, when we started this design, we explosively believe – that we must take action for a cleaner and greener world. We, thus, decided to only use packaging that's recyclable and sustainable, eco-friendly. We follow the industry very closely, so when ever, there is a new and better packaging on the market, we will adapt it to our company and to our customers, in a way that matches our needs.

The main goal is to combine the idea of cutting edge technology driven cosmetics and natural, organic skin care and hair care products with high medicinal norms only using nature’s own pure constituents and well proven cosmo-ingredients. We only use constituents that have a true function for your skin and for the products combined. Nothing additional or any harsh chemicals have been added.